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Translating narrative content for the game industries since 2014

Welcome to Artful Picks! Our company was founded in the technological mecca: the beautiful, evergreen Washington State. With a number of game companies in the area, we have a lot of experience in translating various types of content. If you are looking for a translator or localizer who specializes in English to Japanese translation, you are at the right place! 

The types of material we have experience with are game text, game audio, trailer localization, web content to name a few. We have more than 10 years of translation experience in the industry. If you have something you want translated, please use the contact form below with detail!




Washington, USA


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Our Expertise


Video games are our specialty. If you have fantasy or sci-fi games to localize, please contact us! We have strong passion toward games and have been contributing to the industry by providing high quality localization.


Our new favorite is short stories written in ink! Fictional history and back stories in video games inspired us to expand our way into stories outside the virtual reality world. We are excited for this new addition!


Voice over is part of localizing video games. Outside that, we have experience in adding voice over and subtitles for promotional videos and developer commentary.

Comic Books

We love comics! Japan already has a well established manga market, but there are always people looking for something different. We are excited to work on story-driven western comics for the enjoyment of the Japanese readers.


How can you increase sales without online presence!? We are also experienced in web localization to promote your products, from interface text to articles. 


Do you have Japanese translation you want looked over in any of these genres? We are also experienced at checking and editing translations. If you need an extra set of eyes or want the second opinion, please let us know.


Don’t forget nuance. Your words may be good, but that doesn’t mean intention will be communicated.
— Aya Pickard


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Please fill out the form below to contact us regarding the job you have. This consultation is free and of course, you aren't committed to hire us by filling it out. After the form is submitted, we will email you to ask you a few questions and we will go from there. There is no box to list your desired rate, but please feel free to do so in the Job Detail box. The more detail you provide us, the better we can serve you if you decide to hire us.

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