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Our founder, Aya Pickard, started her career as a translator back in 2006. Her first job was translation of internal communication at a major gaming company. There, she learned so much under talented translators and horned her skills to achieve high readability and accuracy. She was soon deemed the best of the team and was entrusted to train new hires.

After years of discipline and efforts to improve even further, she moved on to the next career endeavor to become a game localizer. Going from internal communication to localization was a huge leap as all of her translation was directly exposed to end consumers. She enjoyed this challenge and continued making efforts to pusher herself further at each phrase. This localization job also widened her expertise beyond in-game content and she is now familiar with various types of translation, including web content and short stories to name a few.


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Aya Pickard

Working with major gaming companies, Aya has been providing countless words of translation for players in the gaming industry. With more than 10 years of translation experience under her belt, she now specializes in the following types of material and genres:

Game content (text and audio)
Marketing material (text, videos, subtitles, emails)
Web content (interface, articles)
Comic books
Short stories


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Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
B.A., English, 2004

University of Washington
Certificate, Product Management, 2014