Got Questions?


Q: So it looks like one translator does all the translation types? How did you learn to do all of them?

My expertise is in video games, but in the course of my career, I was fortunate to be exposed to different narrative outlets. Other than in-game text and voiced lines like cutscenes, I was in charge of any marketing videos such as trailers and developer commentaries. You've got to have a website if you want to sell video games! So I was in charge of localizing that as well. The games were story driven, so I had in-game lore to localize. It had the greatest volume of all due to the rich history of the fictional world, but the lore translation was one of my favorite. The games' spin-off stories were told in the form of comic book. I was checking and editing someone else's translation to ensure quality. As such, I gained a lot of experience in so many different fields, and I am excited to apply my skills to whatever you have to offer!

Q: have you handled confidential information? 

Yes. Being in the gaming industry for so long, it's my second nature to keep work information to myself. Friends and family don't receive the privilege to know about new content before its official announcement. It is very much my interest to surprise end customers with new content I get to work on. 

Q: What is your work environment like? is everything secure?

I work in the home office setting. No one is allowed in my office while I work, and my monitor also faces away from the window although it is on the second floor and no house or building is next to it. I also have firewall and anti-virus set up on my network and computer. Whatever I get to work on will be saved on the local hard drive, not in the cloud, unless I am instructed to do so by my client.

Q: What do you do to keep your language skills up? How good is your English and Japanese?

I speak Japanese as my mother tongue and English as a foreign language. I play video games and read novels in both languages, but for Japanese, since I live in the U.S., I do a little extra, such as reading manga and watching youtube videos (which helps me sync with the modern culture). As for English, I have strong command of it although it is a foreign language to me, owing to more than 10 years of corporate days. I have no problem handling business matters in English and have been translating creative writers' epic, fictional worlds.